What makes us stand out from the crowd?

Our Experience

As a family-owned business, we (the owners, have been professionally cleaning for over ten years). We have developed training, procedures, and organizational culture during this time to ensure consistently excellent customer service and meticulous cleaning.

Our passion & commitment

At On Site Sparkle, we strive to create a cleaner and healthier environment for you, your employee, and your customers with our hard work, cleaning products of your choice, and employing a punctual and inclusive staff. We believe hard work is key to providing our customers with consistent, high-quality cleaning services. Our cleaning services are typically labour-intensive, so we give our employees the same level of attention to their jobs as our customers. We recognize passionate employees who are committed to offering their best.

We keep Customer Satisfaction as our #1 priority

A team of qualified cleaning experts, managers, and supervisors are committed to offering 100% satisfaction with our service. As the owner directly heads the company, achieving this goal is more realistic. We will do everything in our power to ensure that the cleaning is complete and that you are completely satisfied. We admit it wholeheartedly; being human, our cleaners can miss something, although there is the least possibility; just let us know, and we will fix it happily!

Our Fair Pricing & flexibility

Enjoy competitively priced cleaning services tailored to your budget and specific needs. It is our dedication to offer our customers the best cleaning services. We strive to provide a tidy, hygienic, clean office environment with no room for error. We are very flexible in our services, from scheduling cleaning services to selecting the right products; we are always here to help.

Striving to work with you for cleaning and safety.

We strive to provide a clean and healthy environment so you can focus on what matters most. Our pride shines through when we care for our customers, just like we do for our family. We value peace of mind in a clean and healthy building. Adapted to your facility and challenges, we employ the best technology to meet new demands for protection, cleanliness, and responsive service. 

We always prefer to listen to our client's needs!

When we clean and protect your facility, we always give you preference. We understand every client and space is unique, and we embrace this individuality, so we always work closely to ensure we use products according to our client’s needs. This approach brings two benefits: it brings peace of mind as the products are your preferred, so there is no concern about quality, nor is the company promoting products of any brand for any commission. Protect your space, yourself, and team from the inside out with On Site Cleaning’s dedicated services.

Don’t know which product is best for your cleaning service? Leave this headache to us! We will take care of it and bring the best eco-friendly products to clean your facility.

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