Domestic Cleaning Services

Domestic Cleaning Services

At On Site Sparkle we take customer service to the highest level, as well as, offering customized cleaning schedules based on your needs. We are your partner in building management. We will work with you to ensure that you building is clean and orderly.
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Regular Domestic Cleaning

If you’re in need of home cleaning, apartment cleaning, or a maid service, we’re simply the best, most convenient home cleaning service out there. We know you want the cheapest house cleaning available while still having the confidence that you will receive a cleaner who is thorough and professional, with keen attention to detail. When you sign up for a On Site Sparkle  cleaning plan, we aim to offer you just that. And  our system can  schedule your recurring cleanings automatically for you, so you can focus on the other things in your life.

Fast and Effective Disinfecting

There are good ways to disinfect the surfaces ways to disinfect the surfaces you touch the most, but many of them are labor intensive, using messy bleach-based solutions. Even worse, without proper protective equipment, you run the risk of exposing yourself to the germs you are trying to get rid of.
Professional sanitizing of your entire home or office can be done by our trained staff in a fraction of the time that it would take to do manually. The difference is that we use fogging, a method by which the disinfectant is aerosolized into tiny droplets to coat every surface.

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End of Tenancy Cleaning

Even the tidiest of homes will have pockets of ground-in dirt in those hard to reach places; under the fridge, behind wardrobes and at the backs of cupboards to name but a few. It is surprising how, once you empty a room, you notice patches of the carpet are different colors or that you didn’t really clean up that spillage properly after all. Our end of tenancy cleaning service will revitalize the home and make it look as good as new. Whether you’re a tenant who needs to meet landlord or letting agent standards of cleanliness, or a landlord looking for a deep clean to meet regulations and help make your property look its best, we’ve got the staff, know-how and products for the job.